Welcome to our farm!

Eclectic Acres Farms is a local, agriculture farm located just over the Sabine river in Mauriceville, Texas.

We strive to be fully sustainable while growing produce, fruits and raising various livestock.

We are always looking to add to our farm but currently we raise beef cattle, chickens for eggs and meat, turkeys, quail, milk goats and the always entertaining..... pigs!

What we have to offer







What makes our Meat different?

Eclectic Acres Farm is a family farm using sustainable practices to raise the freshest, healthiest, and tastiest meat for our community. Our goals in farming are to create a product that is healthy for you, for our community, and for our land.  


All of our animals are raised on pasture where they are able to express their full personalities and live as they were intended to.


Our chickens scratch for bugs and worms, our steers eat all the grass they want and our pigs root around in the woods and fields searching for their next treat.


We believe this method of farming creates a better life for the animals, heals the Earth by building soil and results in better tasting, more nutritious food for your family.


Our farm is free from hormones, vaccines and prophylactic antibiotics. We choose to rotate animals on a regular basis to keep them healthy and vibrant.